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01 10/10

Blues Jam Tonight at Sebastian Beach Inn, Florida

If you are near Sebastian Florida tonight October 1 2010 then come on down and experience an other side of Jack Starr doing the blues

29 09/10

Deep Thoughts Revisited 2010

When I last wrote my Deep Thoughts in 2003 it was an exciting time for me both on a personal and professional level. This was the year I planned my move from New York to Florida and it was also the year that I had released a new metal album called Under A Savage Sky That year I also found that music fans are very loyal especially in Hard Rock .I was very happy and proud of the reception by the press and the fans and the ESP guitar company who gave me some guitars to giveaway in various promotions to help publicize the cd..I was back and that year I made my first trip to Germany as a guest performer at the Bang Your Head festival. I also rediscovered the love I have for playing live and I was determined to continue to do so.´╗┐

The prior year 2002 my long time bass player Ned Meloni and I got together to arrange the songs that would make up this new album and when it came time to record , Ned told me about a great studio in the vicinity of his house in central Florida  I then decided that I would get out of the New York winter record where its warm, My son Julian and I came down and stayed with Ned and his family.It was a very productive time , we were joined by Joe Hasselvander and Shmoulik Avigal and made quick progress and in slightly over one month the album was recorded and as they say the rest is history and mine is pretty well documented on the internet for those interested in all the details. A Greek record company named Cult Metal Classics stepped up to the plate and signed us and the record was released on separate labels in Europe, America and also in Russia it was great to finally be back on the map!

In 2004 we heard about a new label called Magic Circle Music and we agree to record a new album for them to be called Defiance in 2009 after a very long wait the album came out, there were various reasons why it took so long to get out and I am not interested in going over these instead I simply want to say that we intend to put out albums on a more regular basis henceforth and continue to give our listeners new product and be there for them as they have been for us

In 2009 I started writing new material some of it with Ned Meloni and some with the help of our singer Todd Micheal Hall and we started making demos of these songs and we are now in the finishing stages of recording the album which will be called Land of the Dead it will be a great album and continue our tradition of making music that does not follow trends or caters to the demands of a fickle music industry .We really love your input and feedback so let us know what you think and don’t forget to check all our other sites like the Book of Face (Facebook) and My Space etc and leave a comment. Sincere Thanks for listening to the music and letting it into your life,

Keep On Rocking

Jack Starr

Florida U.S.A. 2010

27 09/10

Archive from 2003:

I first thought of doing this several years ago when the first website aired in 2000 and I mentioned it to a friend and he laughed and said something about Saturday Night Live the T.V. show, apparently they do a skit with that title which is fine but it has nothing to do with me, I take my life seriously and my art even more seriously, it’s not a comedy skit and when I thought of the concept of sharing who I am with the people who visit my site, I did so because that is what an artist does, he shares things, and the things he shares are the most intimate possessions a person has ,his talent, his intellect his very soul, What is an artist and why an artist, First of all I don’t think you have a choice in the matter, you are either born with a strong desire to communicate and be loved or you are not.
I was born with that instinct or desire or whatever we call it, maybe I didn’t get enough love as a child, or maybe no amount would have been enough I don’t know but I do know that it feels great to have people tell me that they appreciate my music or my lyrics and that it has made a difference in their lives
All artists want recognition and approval even the ones that say they don’t, I have noticed that in many reviews of my work and in talking to many people, the comment “you play very emotionally, or you play with a lot of fire or passion “comes up often and they are damn right I do . When I play guitar I pour my heart and soul into it, I don’t know another way of doing it, I am not a trained musician I can’t rely on playing scales or reading charts to get my point across.
Recently I read a review on my new album and the critic said something that touched me deeply and I quote “There are 2 schools of guitar playing, the first school is that of the “heartless technicians” those would be players that play fast and pointless and have nothing to say except look at me I can play fast, usually they can’t write songs either. Then there is the school of musicians who play from the heart and try to communicate through their music, Jack Starr alongside of players like Gary Moore, Michael Schenker and Stevie Ray Vaughn belongs to that second school”.
If you take your pain and your joy and put it to music you will reach people and they will know you are the real deal!
In my 20 plus years of making albums that is what I have done and the next year 2004 will see me taking it up one more level and that is my promise to you the reader, I will be recording the best material I have ever come up with and playing with the most feeling that I have ever shown. Like all of us. I am not without flaws, I have not always been as sincere or selfless, as I would like to be ,but one thing is true and shall always be true if you want to know Jack Starr listen to me play, My guitar tells no lies and that is the beauty of music when it comes from the heart.
We live in a world where mediocre crap passes as music and movies and media are filled with violence and degradation of every sort. Say no to the garbage and don’t let it in your lives, and don’t be afraid of the silence because it is often the only time that we can hear the sound that is in our hearts.
Jack Starr, New York 2003.