October 2002: Jack Starr signs a record deal with Cult Metal Classsics of Greece

November 2002: Jack Starr, Shmoulik Avigal, Joe Hasselvender and Ned Meloni. The "Guardians of the Flame" go to Florida to record their debut album.

Febuary 2003: Under a Savage Sky is released and distributed world wide, and Jack Starr is finally back after a 10 year hiatus.

March 2003: Jack Starr and Ned Meloni, bass player of Guardians of the Flame are officially endorsed by ESP guitars,which helps them sponsor guitar giveaways in major magazines.

April 2003: The reviews for "Under A Savage Sky", start pouring in and it starts off with Heavy Oder Was from Germany giving it a very high 10 out of 12!! The next 40 reviews give it an average score of approx 85 out of 100 and`most recomend it highly.

June 2003: Jack Starr travels to Germany as a guest of the Bang Your Head festival where he gives away the winning Esp guitar in front of 20,000 people also he jams with the California thrash metal legends. Hirax to an enthusiatic reception.

June 2003: Cult Metal Classics enters into a deal with CD Maximum of Russia for distribution of the new album in all of the former Soviet Union, where the record is met with great enthusiasm.

June 2003: Frontline Records of Brazil www.frontlinerock.com.br will be releasing "Out of the Darkness" Jack's 1984 first solo album,the release is set for Sept 2003.also planned are cd releases for "A minor Disturbance" and "The Best of Burning Starr".

A special thanks to Jose Ferro and Gooch from Esp, Espguitars.com for cosponsoring Esp guitar promotions that have already appeared in four major magazines,3 more are slated for Sept, and Oct. 2003.

July 2003: after 2 years of silence,www.jackstarr.com is back!!! and so Is www.guardiansoftheflame.us

Upcoming news :

Sept 9 2003: Under a Savage Sky will be released by Crash Music Inc, in the U.S, the cd will feature some different artwork and possibly one bonus track.

Sept 2003: preproduction is slated to begin on follow up to "Under a Savage Sky" , with plans to make a video of the band, live in the studio.

Upcoming articles, slated to appear in the next few months will include: RoadieCrew-Brazil, The Pit-U.S, Metal Maniacs-U.S., Sweden Rock-Sweden Rock, Metal Hammer-Italy, Flash -Italy.