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Guitar hero from "Virgin Steele" "Burning Starr"
"Guardians Of the Flame" and more.....


COMING IN 2011...
"LAND OF THE DEAD" by Burning Starr
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For those of you who know about him, this site will be a clearing house for all things connected to Jack.
It will inform you of his latest recordings and enable you to purchase his past catalog and obtain up to date info on live shows and merchandise,
such as t-shirts, videos and lots of other goodies.
More important this will be a way of communicating with Jack and for Jack to communicate with you.
For example Jack will be posting his philosophy and deep thoughts on, life, music and everything else, please click on the logo to read the first issue.

I know you will enjoy this site, we will be on a never ending quest for improvement. So please take a look around and be sure to sign the Guest Book before leaving.
We love email, so drop us a line and tell us of any broken links, what you think, what you would like to see and even any ideas for improvement. We are listening!!!

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