Jack Starr

One of the pioneers of the new wave of American Heavy Metal.

Jack Starr came on to the rock metal scene in 1982 when he was selected by Mike Varney of Guitar Player magazine to appear on his compilation record entitled U.S.Metal Volume 2. This was the start of many great things for this quiet unassuming guitar hero. In this quote, Jack says "I was blown away to think that out of thousands of other guitar players from all over the United States, my playing was picked for this album, and especially by a writer for a magazine like Guitar Player that I had read ever since I started playing. The song Jack sent in was Children of the Storm. this song, with it's minor key moodiness and relentless beat would set the tone and be the template for the style of music that would become Virgin Steele.

As the U.S. Metal album began to sell more and more it was apparent that the band that Jack Starr and 18 year old drummer Joey Ayvazian founded and named Virgin Steele was ready to record it's first album. After finding a great bass player in the person of Joe O'Reilly and a singer named Dave Defeis there would be no stopping the men of steele. Thus begins the saga of Virgin Steele and the creation of Virgin Steele One. The album begins with its classical Bach sounding intro and quickly attacks the listener with it's ear piercing screams and wall of sound guitar. It does not let up untill the very end leaving one feel as if they have been trampled by a wild herd of elephants. Coupled with it's eerie cover art and strange liner notes and even including the guitar players home phone number its uniqueness would not go unoticed. Within one month, a record company in England had contacted the band and offered a record deal. The record company was Music for Nations and their first release was Virgin Steele One. The label fueled by the success of Virgin Steele later went on to sign Metallica, Ratt, Manowar and many others. It came to pass that this once local band founded in the suburbs of Long Island would impact on the future of Heavy Metal.

Things started to move fast for the band in 1983; Kerrang Magazine bestowed Guitar Hero status on Jack Starr. The encyclopedia of Heavy Metal by Geoff Barton said, "Virgin Steele One should mark the start of great things for the band". A flurry of press high profile concerts, big budget photo shoots, videos, and words like "the next big thing" followed the band wherever they went.

After the success of the first album. The boys knew that the next album would have to be even heavier and Jack came up with the concept "Guardians of the Flame". Jack felt Virgin Steele had become a band that kept true metal alive and a band that would not follow trends. The album's title track, with it's brutal chunky chords and determined aggressiveness announced to the world there was now an alternative. You could listen to a flock of seagulls and their ilk, or you could join the Guardians for an adventure into the world of light and dark, good and evil. But always trusting in thy sword. The album was released, and it was another great success.

Despite the success of all these releases, there was a growing tension beetween Jack Starr and David De Feis and it wasn't clear at the time which direction the band should have follow. Jack was going for a harder stuff while David wanted a different approach. These artistic differences between Jack and Dave created a stressful environment for Jack. He decided that he needed to take a hiatus, which would give things time to get back on track. Jack accepted one of the many offers which were being hurled at him. He went to the upstate town of Rochester, New York and recorded a solo album, "Out Of The Darkness" with Rhett Forrester of Riot on vocals and the rhythmic section of The Rods, Gary Bardonero on bass and Carl Canedy on drums.

The album received enthusiastic reviews, and so Jack decided to go on with his solo career, creating great albums and finding great singers like Rhett and later Mike Tirelli. He did this throughout the eighties making a slew of brilliant recordings and winning the praise of the Metal community. He called his band "Burning Starr". Named after his nickname Burning Starr for his ability to burn on his guitar. The last album he did in the eighties was the all-instrumental album, A Minor Disturbance. This album featured Randy Coven on bass. Stylistically the band covered Latin Funk Blues and Metal. The album with it's over the top guitar playing put Starr back on the map. The bass player is now playing with Ynqwie Malmsteen, but the album that he is most known for during the eighties is No Turning Back. This album charted on commercial radio in the U.S. and prompted a tour of the U.S. which saw "Burning Starr" playing in places like Chicago, Cleveland & Dallas. Even doing a live radio broadcast, which featured Starr playing a live 10-minute guitar solo on Z Rock that was broadcasted in 16 cities.

The band broke out and blazed a trail of heavy metal intensity across the states, but unfortunately the bands bass player William Fairchild nicknamed Freebass, ended up overdosing on drugs. He became a victim of a lifestyle that can turn on a person as much as it can reward one with the trapping of success. The band broke up in 1989. a possible victim of nineties backlash a metal magazine said, "Burning Starr" was a hair band in looks only, they certainly could outplay bands like "Poison" and "Motley Crue" but lacked the edge of "Metallica". They were in the middle of "Poison" and "Metallica" but there was no audiences in the middle. "Burning Starr" saw its fan base erode finally calling it quits in 1989.

Later two members, Jim Harris and Mike Tirelli formed a band called "Holy Mother". Jack, disgusted with the music scene, dropped out for several years but not before forming a band with the bass player of "Foghat", Graig McGregor. This band was called "Smoke Stack Lightning". Burning starr's former manager, Frank Cariola, managed them. But unfortunately, their brand of bluesy hard rock was unable to secure an audience in the "Nirvana" age of the early nineties.

The year 2003 finds Jack with a new band the Guardians of the Flame featuring muscians that Jack has long wanted in his band ,the drummer and bass player ,Joe Hasselvander and Ned Meloni were in fact in his band Burning Starr in the early eighties and the singer Shmoulik Avigal was someone that Jack had always expressed a desire to play with. That day has come and GOF has arrived with 'Under A Savage Sky' an album that is enjoying wonderful reviews and is fast becoming the biggest seller in Jack's lengthy career which has spanned over 20 years! To quote Jack"I am in this for the long haul and to make great music,trends and fads will come and go but good music will survive" Thanks for Listening.

Musicians that Jack has Played and/or Recorded With

Gary Saint Hillaire
Guitarist of band Tangier

Guitarist from the band Tangiers played on almost all the early demos done in the seventies contributed solos harmonies sometimes played bass; these demos can be heard on the vinyl only release "Jack Starr Roots of a Metal Master" great guitarist and friend.

Drummer for Raven, Blue Cheer, Pentagram and Cathedral, Played in one of the first incarnations of Burning Starr alongside Ned Meloni; also played in Guardians of the Flame contributing drums and rhythm guitar to the debut album 'Under a Savage Sky' and last but not least he also played in Phantom Lord and Devil Childe with Ned Meloni and Jack Starr, Joe is a drummer,producer,writer with a huge cult following.

Drummer for Manowar

Played on Burning Starr's Defiance and also on upcoming release Land of the Dead. Jack is quoted as saying "Rhino is one of the best all around drummers I have encountered." He is also a producer and a songwriter who has recently released the album "Angels of Babylon"

Bass player for Foghat

Played in the band Smokestack Lightning with Jack Starr and Dave Defeis in the early nineties lots of rehearsals, some live performances including an awards show at Hofstra University and lots of live recordings. One of the best and most solid bass players alive today.

Bass player for savatage

Played in Burning Starr in the mid eighties and appeared on the cover of the French release of 'No Turning Back'; very solid, great sense of timing and feel for heavy metal was there at the start of the new wave of american metal.

First drummer for Richie Blackmore's Rainbow and very solid player in the very best British tradition though he was American. He played on 'Let's Get Crazy Again' on the Out of the Darkness album and Jack Starr credits him with teaching him the important lesson of not overplaying. He once said the following re: jack 'I have played with a lot of great guitarists and Jack is one of the best out there"

Virtuoso bass player for yngwie malmsteen and many others

Played on 'A Minor Disturbance'; contributed many great musical ideas and is one of the most extreme bass players out there capable of doing things on the bass most guitarists can't play; did a great cover of 'A Minor Disturbance' with Al Pitrelli on 'Sammy Says Ouch'

Great bass player for Danger Danger

All around solid and highly musical bass player, arranger was a great help in putting together the "Rock the American Way" album. He and Jack Starr share France as their native country.

Played in Black Sabbath and many others

Played on Jack Starr's first demo session in the seventies when he was just a teenager and Jack was in his very early twenties. They collaborated again in the late nineties rehearsing and recording in the band 'Oxygen'; amazing and extremely hard hitting drummer.

Played in White Lion and also played on Burning Starr's 'Rock the American Way" album, Greg plays with impeccable timing and taste and does this while being heavy at the same time, He is very under-rated much in the same way that Alex Van Halen is not given his just dues either.

Singer for dutch metal legends Picture Shmoulik is a great singer who can sing with the depth and emotion of Ronnie James Dio and has the ability to go from the heaviest to the softest ballads, one of the greats,  he sang on Jack Starr's Guardians of the Flame album and is presently with his band Avigal

One of the founders of Virgin Steele along with Jack Starr, David sang on the first two Virgin Steele albums as well as the the four song ep 'Cry in the Night' David has a unique voice and great compositional skills he continues to lead Virgin Steele as the only original member.

Singer for Sang on Jack Starr's first solo album 'Out of the Darkness'. Rhett was a very passionate singer who lived hard and sang harder; he rehearsed, recorded and did some live shows with Jack, Rhett was the personification of rock and roll, he walked the walk and he talked the talk but more importantly he sang with great conviction which still resonates as strong today as yesterday.

Guitarist for the 'New Day Band'

Contributed their original song 'magic' to blackmore's rainbow, paul played guitar on the " out of the darkness" album he is a very gifted guitarist from long island who contributed much to the making of 'out of the darkness' Paul played the intro guitar solo and the first part of the main guitar solo on " I Can't Let You Walk Away" and also played all the harmony solos on that album ,paul can also be heard on rhett forester's solo album 'assume the position'

Bass player for Agentz; eighties power metal band with European cult following, Jose is a solid bass player and he and Jack Starr were in bands together sometimes jamming on songs like Rock Candy by Montrose ,they also worked on originals  together but never recorded them and soon after Jose would start Agentz and jack would start Virgin Steele.

singer for cult metal legends attacker

John was a powerful metal singer he sang on the second Phantom Lord album with Jack Starr called 'Evil Never Sleeps'. One of the greats.

Singer for Hirax and one of the pioneers of thrash metal

Katon has stayed true to his roots and still leads Hirax on world tours as well as making great no compromise thrash albums, Katon invited Jack Starr to perform with his band at the 2003 bang your head festival in Germany as they both have much mutual respect for each other, Katon alongside Metallica can be called one of the fathers of thrash metal.

Drummer for the Rods Carl produced and played drums for Jack Starr's debut solo album 'Out of the Darkness' as well as helping arrange and later featuring Jack alongside Dan Spitz of Anthrax in the thrasher album song 'Burning at the Speed of Light'. One of the pioneers of American metal.

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Without a doubt one of the best rock singers to ever emerge from Long Island, Tommy sang on some of Jack's early demos and was also at times in a band with Jack's friend Gary St.Hilaire, "Tommy sang like David Coverdale before any of us knew there was a David Coverdale" Jack is quoted as saying.

Bass guitarist for Steve Whitman's Funny Money and

Ned played in one of the earliest lineups of Burning Starr and we started writing and playing together in 2000 recording under A Savage Sky in 2003 and Defiance in 2009 and Land of the Dead in 2010 as well as playing and collaborating on Phantom Lord, Devil Childe and South of Georgia, Ned is a great bass player, writer, singer, arranger and asset to any pro musical project. The year 2010 finds Ned and Jack still playing together after all these years.

Played bass in the the Criss Angel Band and also played in an early incarnation of Burning Starr, killer bass player and great vocals another great player from Long Island

Bass player for Dee Snider's Widomaker and also Quiet Riot

Played in different projects with Jack Starr and also played on a Minor Disturbance, very knowledgeable bass player, writer and arranger also played in bands with Jack's friend Gary St. Hilaire.

Drummer for Trust

Played with Jack in a band called Starr System along with Petite Pois ex bass player of les variations also Jack played with Jano as a guest of Trust at l'olympia in Paris and also did some joint shows with Jano's other band Papoose. Considered one of the best rock drummers in France to this day.

Famous for friendship with John Lennon and the infamous album 'The Pope Smokes Dope". Jack was asked to play on a John Lennon tribute record with David shortly after John Lennon's death in 1979.

Drummer for Dirty Looks and played on three Burning Starr albums as well as doing countless shows with Jack Starr in the eighties, Jim Harris can play drums extremely well and was endorsed by many drum companies at the time.

Bass player for She Wolf Tang and the Bonnie Parker Band

A true Long Island legend, she played on the Jack Starr original 'Seventeen' which was a favorite of Bernie Bonvoisin the singer for Trust and was performed at their first major gig in Paris. Bonnie plays and sings fantastic and also played on the instrumental CD 'A Minor Disturbance'

Drummer for Twisted Sister in 1982 and jamming partner and friend of Jack; though they never had an official band, solid no frills bad to the bone drummer.

Keyboards for Ram Jam and other bands from KK Studios

Outstanding keyboards and songwriting came up with the hauntingly beautiful keyboards in 'Interlude in the Afternoon' on Jack Starr's 'a Minor Disturbance album' can sing and play keys like Greg Allman or Leon Russell.

First singer of Anthrax

Played in a short lived band with Jack Starr in 1984. His singing better than ever and has started new band called Deathriders.

Drummer and historian for Thor

One of heavy metal's most memorable characters, Mike is an excellent percussionist, also he is a former school mate of Jack Starr and they played together many times in the past both having come from the same town of Long Beach, New York.

Guitarist of Thor

Steve is a great guitarist and played with Jack Starr on the second Phantom Lord album Evil Never Sleeps

Jimmy was a great drummer and friend who was discovered by Mark Stein, founder of Vanilla Fudge. When that band broke up, Mark asked him to join his new band Boomerang, Boomerang signed to RCA and put out an album. Also they toured with Led Zeppelin; yes Jimmy's playing was an influence on John Bonham and Jimmy told Jack that Bonham would watch their opening set every night and ended up using parts of his drum solo on The Zeppelin. Jimmy was an amazing drummer and was a good friend of Jack's who taught him how to drive a car. They played together in the late seventies. The drumming on Boomerang holds up today just like it did on the first day of its release in 1970. Jack Starr has always said what a great honor it was that Jimmy sought him out to play in a band together and also he gave Jack a copy of Boomerang 2 which was never released, After his death in a racing accident at Watkins Glen, Jimmy's widow asked Jack for the return of Boomerang 2 and Jack obliged. Boomerang the only American band that could have held its own with Led Zeppelin

Mike Tirelli
amazing singer with incredible range and power, sang on most Burning Starr albums released in the eighties including the vocal tour de force "No Turning Back" also sang with Riot and Messiah's Kiss

Paul Chapman
Great guitarist and songwriter who played in UFO after the departure of Micheal Schenker ,Paul appeared on the 2003 release of "Under a Savage Sky"

Katon Pena
Considered to be one of the godfathers of Thrash and continues to champion this form of music in world tours and album releases Jack Starr was honored to play with his band Hirax at the 2003 Bang Your Head Festival

Joe Stump
virtuoso guitar player and like Jack Starr a former Long Islander ,Joe plays in Holy Hell as well as releasing solo cd's and giving guitar seminars. He appears on the 2009 release of Burning Starr entitled "Defiance"

Ross the Boss Friedman
Former guitarist for Shaking Street and Manowar Ross plays blues based metal with passion and taste and helped create the genre we know as heavy metal ,he appears on the soon to be released new Burning Starr album entitled "Land of the Dead" slated for 2011

Kenny Dino
Was a wonderful and gifted early rock singer who sang on demos for Elvis Presley and had a national hit in 1961 called "Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night" which was covered on Robert Plant's first solo album "Manic Nirvana" Jack played many shows with him and like Robert Plant considered him to be one of the finest rock singers around.

Mike Mostert
Guitarist and former student of Jack; played in Battle Bratt alongside Long Island legend Billy Kania

Frank Cariola
Former owner of Sundance renown heavy metal concert hall on Long Island,Frank was the manager of Jack Starr and Burning Starr in the eighties

Guitar Pete and Axe Attack
Guitar Pete excellent guitarist responsible for cult metal classic "Dead Soldiers Revenge" Jack  got them their first record contract with Dutch East India Co and Napalm Records

Damian Thorne
Great Chicago metal band ,Jack got them their first label deal with Napalm Records

World War 3
Awesome metal band from Pennslvania ,Jack got them the first record deal with Napalm Records and their drummer went on to join glam metal sensations "Brittney Fox"

Steve Thompson
Producer of Appetite for Destruction for Gun's and Roses and long time acquaintance and fellow Long Islander, He handled the production chores for Fire and Rain the Burning Starr single off of No Turning Back

Emma Zale
Gifted keyboard player and choir arranger for the song " False Messiah" off the " Out of the Darkness" album she is also featured on the "Thrasher" compilation album alongside Jack Starr,Rhett Forester,Dan Spitz and many others

Frank Vestry
Excellent singer who sang on Burning Starr's Rock the American Way album can also be heard on the 2009 release Marcello Vestry which continue's Frank's strong melodic rock influences