Subject: GOF CD
Date: 8/16/2003 5:07:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Subject: new song
Date: 8/13/2003 10:04:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Tim Wadzinski,
To: Jack Starr,
I do really like "The Flame That Never Dies." Shmoulik's vocals are awesome, and I dig the heavy and the melodic guitars. Nice long solo, too. :) Oh yeah, the part after the solo with the deep, "hymn" vocals is pretty evil (which is good!). I'm looking forward to hearing the whole album.

Subject: Hey Jack - where should I buy cd's from?
Date: 8/14/2003 9:23:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Jeff Hall"
Hey Jack long time fan here (back to the days of VS1 now that a lot of the cds have been released where is the best place to buy them from? I mean in terms of more of the $ going to the artist, maybe the sales being counted in some charts somewhere (which might lead to further inventory on hand for other people to browse, etc). Do you have any preference or recommendations? I cant wait to let some of my friends back east know that these classics can be had on cd but if there is a best way to order them Id like o let them know that at the same time. Hopefully youll be coming around with GOF and I can check you out in person youve only been an influence for 20+ years
Take care & Best Wishes,
Jeff Hall
Colorado, USA

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From: "t.n-717."
Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 9:35 PM
Subject: fan letter of e-mail to Mr.Jack Starr
Dear Mr.Jack Strarr:
I send an email for the first time I am a man of 33 years old to live in Japan.There can be I had sent a letter to address (P.O Box 251) mentioned in record jacket in about 1997 thing, and but the letter has come back to me somehow.
By the way, Record of HM/HR which I heard for the first time was "DEEP PURPLE/Machine Head" and "UFO/Strangers in The Night".It was winter, 1982 and came to love HM/HR since it. And when it heard "Out Of darkness" which was a solo album in spring, 1986 that I heard your music for the first time.Thereafter I am your fan all the time for 17 years.And you are my one person of giutarist liking most.
I like Arian Vandenberg,Bernie Marsden elsewhere. My most favorite album is "No Turnig Back!".And a favorite song is "Light In The Dark", "In Your Arms Again", "Blaze O f Glory", "Can't Let You Walk Away", "Send Me An Angel".It is "Call of the wild" that like in guitar solo.
By the way, I loved HM/HR music of 1980's, and I enjoyed music in those days while being excited.And I feel that 80's was the times such as a dream now.I very feel nostalgic for that time, and but I am very glad of your holding activity.
By the way, I collected your record and CDs until now as far as oneself knows it, but there is the work which I wasn't able to get.At first "A Minor Distarbance" which you released in 89 looked for an import record shop in those days, but was not able to find it.At first "A Minor Distarbance" which you released in 89 looked for an import record shop in those days, but was not able to find it.I didn't know it about "STRIDER('91)" until now. It was these days and knew a work of "Soon Day Will Come".And I knew that it wasn't released at a MP 3 corner.I want you to release it officially.
And it is these days, and I knew that two pieces of LPs which PHANTOM LORD released in 85 and 86 were your works, and naturally it isn't included in my collection.In addition, I knew it about a project of "OKYGEN('94)".
Because information doesn't arrive surely in Japan as now, and the circulation wasn't smooth, the reason is because it wasn't able to know your activity.It should be related that I wasn't able to be connected to Internet until now.And it is for me to have got tired of HM/HR music scene of 1990's above all,So I wasn't interested in HM/HR Music scene of 1990's.Of course I continued hearing HM/HR music of 1980's.
And I was interested in Progressive rock because Progressive rock of valuable 1970's had begun to be released with a CD again since about '89. But and it was these days and interest returned to HM/HR music little by little.The reason is because it has known a thing of your New group.
Though I became late, I intend to collect your CDs from now on and but "Orange Album('89)" and "Blaze Of Glory('87)" bought U.S Metal press those days and therefore pray for PHANTOM LORD and re-release of the work which now I can't buy.
By the way, I remember that your live video was released before.I think that it stepped on order paper of a mail order enclosed in an LP of "No Turning Back!(Napalm Press)" released in 1986.I was interested very much in those days, but wasn't able to purchase it after all.I pray for release in Live DVD/Video and want to try to watch your playing figure. I pray for your activity to the future.
best wishes from Japan
Toshinori Noda.

Subject: Alright, he's back
From: "Jeff Hall" Hey Jack - glad to see you finally have a web presence. I've been trying to find out what happened with you since I moved out west a while ago. You probably don't remember this but my little brother called your house (the ph # from VS I) looking for some leftover merchandise - this was around the time you were coming out with the first Burning Starr album ( I remember you saying that your new singer was killer). You even jammed your guitar over the phone for us. I'll never forget that - what a cool thing to do for a fan (or 2). Glad to see that the back catalog is coming out on CD - my records are warped and scratched, the cassettes have been eaten several times. Keep the web page up to date so we know when you're gonna release something new or play a few live gigs. Man, I hafta call my little bro and tell him you're still around - betcha he goes and buys a computer this weekend. Take care, best wishes to you and your family.
Jeff Hall

Subject: Last answer (Jackstarrs) From: "hasan" Dear JACK STARR,
First of all, Thank you very much for your time is given to me to answer my Electronic mail, I m very glad to receive your reply. It s only you, who replied my letter. Now I am 32 years old, I have heard of you, When I was seventeen years old (1985), especially Burning starrs jack starr group. once upon a time when I was going to play music. But I m not a musician, I am a player, its like hobbies. I found your record from the album Turning Back from my friend, at the moment I like you. And then I bought the other album. It is too late, I knew you and your group because in Radio Indonesia station always play and turn on the metal music, especially one of your song, in Jakarta and the other town.
Thank your very much for your kind attention.
Your Fans
Mr. Fahmi Hassan Adress : PT.PROMITS
Wisma Nusantara Building 24th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 59

Subject: your discography
Hey Jack,
U gotta help me out!!!!!!! Okay!
Here's a list of releases that I've gathered from searchin' the net:
Jack Starr/Soon Day Will Come (D.A.M. cd with 10 tracks)
Jack Starr/Out of the Darkness (D.A.M. cd with 10 tracks)
Jack Starr/Out of the Darkness (Passport Records 1984 with 9 tracks) - I have this on record!!!
Jack Starr/A Minor Disturbance (D.A.M. cd with 8 tracks)
Jack Starr/A Minor Disturbance (Cariola 1990 with 10 tracks) - I have this on cd!!!
Burning Starr/Rock the American Way (Metal Mayhem reissue with 8 tracks)
Burning Starr/Blaze of Glory (U.S. Metal 1987 with 13 tracks)
The original has Excursion listed as the 12th and Return from the Ashes/Personal Demons listed as the 13th!
Burning Starr/Blaze of Glory (Metal Mayhem reissue with 12 tracks)
Excursion/Personal Demons listed as 12th track! Is there a difference between original and this Metal Mayhem reissue? Has Return from the Ashes been removed???
Burning Starr/No Turning Back (Sentinel Steel reissue with 14 tracks)
Burning Starr/No Turning Back (D.A.M. cd with 12 tracks)
Burning Starr/Burning Starr (CLM-ABS Records compilation with ? tracks) I read this is supposed to be a compilation of the two Burning Starr records but it say it has the song Love Can't Wait which I don't see on either Metal Mayhem reissue! If you can, please give me a track listing for this!
Jack Starr/Burning Starr (US Metal Records Germany 1989 & MCA Victor 1994 with 11 tracks)
Love Can't Wait is found here but not on any Burning Starr Metal Mayhem reissue????? Is this out of print under any form?
Jack Starr/the Orange Album (EMI 1989) - listed on the database! Please give me some details!!
Jack Starr/Oxygen 1 (Jack Starr 1994) - listed on the database! Please give me some details!
Jack Starr/Sacred Demos (1997) - on the database! Please give me some details plus a track listing!
If there's anything else or if anything is incorrect, just let me know!!!! I also have Virgin Steele/Virgin Steele on record in addition to the 2 above!!! I really enjoy all your solo records from Out of the Darkness to the downloads I have from Soon Day Will Come which I'll be purchasing shortly along with the rest!!! I'm just tryin' to get an idea of everything you've released including extra tracks before I start buying. I want to make sure I get everything you've done! P.S. - I've been listening to the download from, Tear Down the Wall quite a bit!!!!!! My current favorite song!!!!!
By the way, has you deceased on November 26, 1994!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought maybe they got you confused with Rhett but his death was in early '94.
thank you so much

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Subject: Jack Starr Official Web Site
I've just been busy checking out your site, and I think it's great. It's good to know that so many people still know Jack Starr and also are aware of the two LP's released by Virgin Steele with Jack. I also signed your guestbook, and I hope to get some more news on the re-release of VS I and "Guardians of the flame" maybe with "Wait for the night" as an extra track. I've got to admit I'm more of a Virgin Steele fan, than a Burning Starr addict, the problem is that Jack's albums are very hard to find in my country (usually released on minor recordcompanies).
Anyway, it's a fine job and keep on rockin'
From Belgium (somewhere in Europe)

Subject: Puerto Rico Rocks!!!
From: "Hector Rodriguez"
Organization: Lopito, Ileana & Howie, Inc.
Dear Jack:
I am a 35 year old rue rock 'n roll fan. I've been a fan since VS and the moment Jack Star really hit me was after the album with Rhett. What a masterpiece! After that I tried to get my hands in everythin JS has recorded and recently got the Blaze of Glory and Rock the American Way in CD format. I still have the original vynil albums at home. They broght back some wonderful memories and made me reaffirm my faith in good music. I buy a lots of rock cd's classic and new rock. Many great others good. But Jack Star material sounds ageless and fresh in this time and age. I would love the opportunity to see you perform. We have some clubs and music pubs. Ever thinking of coming to the Island?. How about releasing the rest of the catalog? Thank you for the music and the dedication to rock n' roll. I am there for you and to support great music
Hector " the number one rocker"!!

I have been looking for the Jack Starr cd that has that remake of fire and rain. I can't remember the name of it, but itwas awesome. I saw the concert in the 80's in Chicago. Awesome singer I remember also.
Thanks Brian

Subj: Important question regarding your band (old band)
From: (Brendan Love)
Ok, here's the deal... around 1985, or so, I had a record in my hands by a band called Devil Childe and (as was normally the case) I had no cash with which to buy it and I've never seen it since. Your website has a little info on the record, so I figured I'd drop you a note to say I'm sorry I didn't buy it way back then, because I sure as hell will never get to hear it. In a related note, I e-mailed the guy from the BNR Metal Pages a few years ago and asked him if he had heard of it and he wrote back, saying that he had heard it and he also listed it on his site.
Take it easy.

Subj: Where the hell have you been?
From: (Jeff Rue)
Jack, Great to hear the new band is coming together! I can't wait to hear the new stuff. This is Jeff Rue your #1 fan from Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana and everywhere else I've lived. I've been looking for you for a long time! Hope all is well with you and the boys. I am back in Wisconsin, I live in Racine, a city of 80,000 outside of Milwaukee. The metal scene is pretty damn strong up here. Today ends the music festival Summerfest, the biggest music festival in the world. 13 stages of all types of music. I still remember the time I came to see you in Chicago, what a party! Drop me an E-MAIL @, or Remember when you sent me the cd and I had it played on Z-ROCK? Drop me your phone number, I can't wait to talk to you. My new number is 262-752-0337. I am the General Manager of the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kenosha, WI in between Chicago and Milwaukee. Went to OZZFEST a few weeks ago in East Troy, WI the bands all sucked, I just went for the party.I still have the autograph pictures you used to send to me proudly displayed in my barroom downstairs. Hope you can hit the road again. I want to get some of your live videos from the past. I will sign off now, I'm sure I can get your new stuff some airplay on a few Milwaukee stations, we have 2 really good ones up here.
Talk to ya soon.
Jeff Rue

Subject: Great performance!
Hi Jack
Just wanted to drop a line to say: amazing performance on Saturday! I am so glad you went on stage even for a short period as I heard a lot of people afterwards saying great surprise... Keep it up! And nice seeing you again!
Take care,

Subject : Re: guitar stuff
From: "Generations Underground (heavyrock)
Jack Starr,
Thanks so much for making contact. I have been a big fan and supporter of your brand of metal guitar since the very early Virgin Steele days (early 80's)! Isn't this internet a beautiful thing! In addition to the Out Of The Darkness cd, I also stock Blaze Of Glory and Rock The American Way . . . just temporarily sold out at the moment! I have also had Burning Starr - S/T and No Turning Back once upon a time but they seem to be unavailable. I am very interested in helping you put A Minor Disturbance out on cd! Has it ever been released to cd format previously? I think I might have had that at one time as well! In fact, I believe I sold my last copy to a guitar shredder by the name of Joe Stump. We met once when I was a vendor at a power metal festival!! He's supercool and a big fan of yours!!!
Anyways, I have some good contacts at certain labels that specialize in heavyrock. Let me investigate and I'll get back to you. Can you offer up any details you would like about its potential re-release? I can get behind this project 100% because I know how well Jack Starr titles sell in heavyrock circles.
Finally, I do a weekly heavyrock radio/internet show called AXECALIBER! Your cd releases have been featured on it many times before. The show cators to top notch heavy-guitar artists and bands with decent vocals. Everything from hard rock to metal to blues. Just want you to know I appreciate your fine contribution to solid heavyrock music over the years! Now, how about something brand new?! Take care and talk again soon . . . One final question: Why doesn't Metal Mayhem release this one as well too???
Geno / Generations Underground / Axecaliber